Young people setting up gym equipment

Get Out Get Active Volunteer Stories

This is a collection of amazing stories from people who are volunteering for the Get Out Get Active programme for you to read or watch.

These volunteers share their experiences of how they are helping to make their community healthier and happier, what they are learning, the new skills they are developing and how volunteering can help build confidence and be rewarding.

When you watch the videos you can make them display full screen. Click the play icon to watch a video and then in the bottom right hand corner of the video click on the ‘full screen’ icon. Or instead you can double click on a video and it should open in full screen viewing mode.


Reaching inactive people


Gain inspiration of how to harness the potential of volunteers to help reach people who are inactive and to support disabled and non-disabled people to be active together

Recruiting volunteers


Hear about what can motivate people to volunteer and tips for attracting volunteers.


Retaining volunteers


Find out about what makes volunteers stick around


GOGA volunteer roles


Hear stories from volunteers engaging in a variety of different roles from Get Out Get Active Activators to Community Champions. Gain insight into the difference volunteers make to sustainability of a programme.