Volunteering Matters are a National Partner on the Get Out Get Active (GOGA) programme.

The GOGA programme is running over three years (2016 – 2019). GOGA will reach the least active individuals in the community delivering fun and inclusive activities to encourage more people to get active through inclusive active recreation and volunteering opportunities.

Volunteering Matters is a national charity that delivers high social impact volunteer projects across the UK in response to some of the most difficult challenges facing individuals and their communities today. They engage more than 30,000 volunteers and 108,000 beneficiaries every year through 180 active programmes. They believe that everyone can play a role in their community and should have the chance to participate; they build projects and programmes to reflect this.

Volunteering Matters’ role on the GOGA programme is to support GOGA partners (localities) to recruit over 2,000 volunteers throughout the course of the GOGA programme and to develop inclusive volunteer programmes. They are working with 18 localities across the UK in Stoke; Manchester, London, Bradford, Lincolnshire, Kent, Nottingham, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

About the toolkit

Why use it?

Volunteers are central to so many community activities and organistations. And they are central to the GOGA programme!

  • The toolkit is a learning hub for practitioners working directly with volunteers. It has been developed in collaboration with GOGA partners, volunteers and a range of staff at Volunteering Matters to share expertise, learning and experiences to support and build an inclusive volunteer programme.
  • It will demonstrate the practical steps that practitioners can take to effectively manage and retain volunteers including approaches to build a diverse volunteer base.
  • It aims to encourage GOGA partners working with volunteers to consider different approaches to maximise their impact.
    • Case studies from GOGA partners and GOGA volunteer stories highlight how to harness the potential of volunteers to help reach people who are inactive and support disabled and non-disabled people to enjoy being active together.

  • If you are interested in volunteering you can browse through a collection of GOGA volunteer stories to find out about how amazing and rewarding volunteering can be. Read our Volunteer Stories page.

How to use it

To help you find your way around this toolkit and identify the information you may be looking for, there are a number of icons.

Take ActionTake Action – The take action icon is used to highlight key practical things you can go away and do. There is also a ‘take action form’ to complete at the end of some of the toolkit sections. This form asks you questions to help you identify areas of strength and those that may be in need of development in relation to your work with volunteers.


ThinkThink – The think icon is used to highlight key questions to ask yourself or important things to consider when building an inclusive volunteer programme or working with volunteers.


Top TipTop Tip – The top tip icon is used to highlight helpful tips from people who have experience of working with volunteers or managing volunteer programmes.


Case StudyCase Study – The case study icon shows you when there’s a case study to read. These will help you gain insights into how other people are working with volunteers and learn from their experiences and how they have overcome challenges.



Download – The download icon lets you know that there is a document file or you can click to download and use.


LinkLink – The link icon highlights that there is a website link that will take you to more information on a topic.


ResourcesResource – This resource icon highlights that a resource such as a role description template is available in the Volunteer Programme Resources section of the toolkit